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The Role of Intention in the Healing Process

It is well known now in all healing modalities that the intention of the healer / practitioner / doctor can make a profound difference to the outcome of the intervention or treatment that is being given. I was recently asked some very interesting questions by a Doctor who was investigating his interest in the Avatar System.  he asked:… Read More »

Avatar in India

I will be back in India from the 15th March – and available for demonstrations and limited individual consultations. My Indian cell phone number to contact me there is 9657 4585 70 and I will be in the Mumbai – Pune area.

Dentistry and the use of Avatar

This interesting video is worth viewing. It shows the use of EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) specifically the Avatar system – in a dental consultation – assisting the dentist to locate the best compatibility for the materials to be used in the mouth as well as the areas that require attention. Please wait for it to download before viewing as it can be a little slow. Testing for dental needs is a prime focus in the training of Avatar practitioners.

Price or Value for your Health Testing Equipment?

Many times prospective buyers email me and simply ask me: “How much is the Avatar EAV Testing System?” They don’t ask: “How does it work?” “What is the effectiveness of testing in this way?” “Do you have success using this EAV type of system? ” “Do the patient’s understand the testing?” “Can you give reports for the patients… Read More »

How can the healer increase effectiveness ?

In this time of living in a world surrounded by the chemical soup, it is really important that as healers we find the ways to increasing our effectiveness. Simply using the old methods of the past – we will often miss the underlying causative factors and therefore spend much longer than needed using trial and error methods to… Read More »

Body Burden – Toxic Load

Using Avatar and having the ability to prioritise testing – that is in effect to be able to ask what is the priority energetic stressor on the body – we often find the chemicals and environmental toxins are high on the list. People are often surprised at this – and many times the person being tested will tell… Read More »

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing is the buzz word in all sales areas at this time. There is so much on offer that we need to really find an area in our work that is special and attractive to our customers. Yes this sounds like a sales talk.. and you are right it is. All of us are sales people –… Read More »

The Mercury / Dental Factor

Understanding More about the Dental Factor in Disease… All health practitioners must educate themselves about this major area affecting the health of so many of the people who come to see you with problems. The negative influences of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams as well as the often severe consequences of root canal filled teeth and other dental… Read More »

Emotional Stress

The Unknown Quotient How many times do you do all the right things? Follow all the precribed protocols – do all the detox – address the bowel function, make sure the adrenals are supported. Give the liver the required nutrients to support the detoxification pathways. Remove the allergens, educate to make sure the person is eating right, drinking… Read More »