How can the healer increase effectiveness ?

By | 09/11/2009

In this time of living in a world surrounded by the chemical soup, it is really important that as healers we find the ways to increasing our effectiveness. Simply using the old methods of the past – we will often miss the underlying causative factors and therefore spend much longer than needed using trial and error methods to discover the real core of the person’s disease.

I spoke with one of the reps today – she came to see me to talk about the range of homeopathic products her company sells. In the course of our conversation she told me that her biggest job with practitioners was to help them to understand that they needed to dig deep with their patients – that they were very inclined to simply want to “fix the symptoms” and were ignoring the fact that the cause was in the deep cellular level – that unless they went to those layers that they would not have the results they were seeking.

This is really where aids such as computerised health screening devices such as the EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) devices really assist the concerned practitioner. They can help to reveal the deeper layers.

So what are we really doing with these tools?

It could be said that they provide a menu of options for healing.

Using these tools – such as the EAV system the person is given the choice to be aware of their options and take responsibility for what is best for their well being. They are assisted to access more possibilities than those they may be aware of.

What is the most important thing the healer (practitioner) can do for the person who consults them?

1. Give them back the responsibility for their own health
2. Help them to understand that they have choice
3. And to understand why they got sick and how they can return to health and stay healthy.

How do they do this? First the practitioner must listen. It is their primary task. People need to be heard. If first the practitioner listens, they will meet the patient on their level. Listening gives the practitioner the opportunity to access the information systems in the patient’s Being that is holding the disease in place. Then real healing can occur.

Then as the consultation continues, the education process begins, using all the skills available the priority should always be to, explain, educate and encourage.

The practitioners should help the person to understand the toxic load, not only that of the chemicals, pesticides heavy metals and so on, but also the toxic effect of relationship stress, work place politics etc. Teach them where the toxins come from, and how to avoid them, help them to understand the damaging effects of stress and how to de-stress. Give them simple de-stress techniques, encourage them to exercise, meditate, to walk barefoot on the grass. Above all help them to understand how to begin to reclaim their own power, to access their full potential self in order to effect true healing.

As practitioners, we need to understand that we do not heal the person, the person heals themselves – our function is to bring light to the matter, so we can help the client to have an understanding of their problems and imbalance, which can be 9/10ths of the job done already.

An example of this can be seen with emotional stress. If you have suppressed the real emotion it cannot be cleared. But once it is brought to the light and the person has an understanding of what they are really feeling, then they can release it.

It is the same with physical toxins – “chemical xyz”– when brought into the light by your testing becomes exposed, and it can then be dealt with in whatever way you choose – homeopathics, energy vibrational remedies, herbs, nutritionals, flower essences and so on.

The key is digging deep – educating and allowing the old rubbish to be revealed and released on all levels.