Frequently Asked Questions about Avatar

More than you ever expect

Your work with the avatar system will set the stage for your clinic to be highly successful and talked about all over town.

See great results every time.
Increase your effectiveness.
Increase your client compliance.
Build a dynamic ‘word of mouth’ practice filled with clients focused on wellness.

What is provided for my investment?

Your investment gives you hardware, software, updates, training, back up and support – in fact everything that you need to get up and running with your new equipment.
We make it our business to ensure that your experience of the Avatar technology is backed up by strong training, ongoing support, and a practitioner knowledge base from long experience of utilising the system. Your training is carried out by people who know, people who have thousands of hours of practical hands on clinical experience – and who understand the learning curve involved and who understand what you need to make your purchase work for you.

How can I see the Avatar in action?

Contact us by email or telephone and we will arrange a demonstration in your area, or alternatively, demonstrate the Avatar by in internet link up. This can be a great way to get your first look at the program and a good introduction to the power of using this technology in your clinic.

Who are the Trainers?

Shazar Robinson has 23 years experience with EAV Systems. She is an inspirational trainer who will patiently lead you through the steps necessary to get you up and running with your Avatar in the shortest possible time.

Where and when is the training carried out? Do I have to travel to be trained?

Generally, training is carried out at your location. However this will depend on where you are situated.  Different countries and distribution agents have different arrangemtns.  In Asia, we bring your system to you – deliver to your door, and at that time make sure that your computer system is all fully set up with the Avatar program and in this way we can also assist you with office arrangement for optimal comfort and efficiency.

We often invite existing Avatar practitioners to the training and this can be very useful for you as it gives the opportunity to meet others in the field and others also have questions and experience that can be helpful to you.

Do I have to be Computer Literate to Learn Avatar?

Certainly your learning curve will be less steep if you are familiar with the use of computer. We suggest if you are very new that a basic computer literacy course would be advisable before you start.
However the training manuals are written in simple language with step by step instructions which are understandable by the most illiterate computer dummies.

Do You Provide On-Going Training?

After the initial training period many practitioners choose to attend further training sessions with other new practitioners.
You are welcome to attend these at a minimal charge. Telephone training sessions can also be helpful and are available by mutual arrangement.
We also do internet software training by request.
Our commitment to your success with Avatar continues after your training. You can access unlimited telephone and internet support from our trained technical staff.
If you have questions – feel stuck on something – just pick up the phone, skype, or email and you will have a guaranteed response within 24 hours. Response is usually immediate or within a very short time.

Do you provide a computer with the Avatar equipment?

No – we find that most people already own computer equipment which may be suitable, and otherwise have many different preferences for their needs. We will certainly advise you on your purchase and ensure that your computer is suitable for running the Avatar.

What Operating System is Needed to run the Avatar Software?

Avatar will run on Windows 10.  It can be used on the Mac OS X provided you have Bootcamp for the Windows Operating system.

Can I use my Avatar computer for other programs / and or the internet?

There is absolutely no reason to have a dedicated computer for the Avatar. The program is not excessively large, and providing you have good backup protocols, and also good virus software, (as everyone should have) it is fine to be on the internet with this computer.
In fact within the Avatar program there are direct web-link references on the item database – so it can be of great advantage to you when researching for your client to be able to click on the links.

Can you test children with the Avatar?

Yes definitely – many children are fascinated with the computer – and will happily be tested. It is also possible to surrogate – that is test the mother in lieu of the child, although it is preferable to be in good connection with the child who is being tested – that is have the child on the mother’s lap while testing. Animals can also be tested in this way.

Are there any harmful aspects to the testing?

The points being tested can sometimes be tender – especially if a person is in a weakened condition – then often their acupuncture points are more sensitive. As a general rule, there is no pain during testing – however some slight discomfort may be noted at times.

Can you test pregnant women?

Yes – the current emitted by the Avatar is only 1.2 volts, and will not harm the foetus. However it is important to note that pregnant women or nursing mothers should not be put on any sort of detoxification protocol as it is undesirable to detoxify at these times as the foetus is highly vulnerable. These are just some of the principles of working with the equipment that are taught during the training.

Can people who have a pacemaker be tested?

Although there are no specific contraindications for this we do not advise these people to be tested.

What can I expect to be able to charge for an Avatar session?

This is entirely dependent on your location, and the demographics of your client base so is difficult to predict.

Where is the Avatar made?

Avatar is manufactured in the USA by a company called Veradyne Corporation in Las Vegas.

What happens if my system breaks down?

Firstly let us say that these systems are extremely reliable. The majority – 99.9% of problems encountered with the equipment are operator error and are fixable on the phone.
In the highly unlikely event of a hardware problem, your system is under warranty for 2 years and we are committed to repairing any faults rapidly in order to minimize your downtime.

In what countries do you supply the Avatar:

We supply throughout South East Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Philippines.  If you are located in the USA or Europe you are welcome to contact us and we will refer you to your local distributor.

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  1. Jill Simmons

    I purchased an avatar through Dr Cass via a UK friend, from canada about 2 years ago, I now require full insurance outside the home for this item, my insurance company will only give me this if I can ‘prove’ the cost of a new machine. Please can you send me any details of cost I can copy out and share with them.
    Many thanks for your help with this.
    Jill UK

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