The Avatar Advantage

There are lots of tools available to you the health practitioner these days.  And when you are thinking about investing your hard earned dollars you want to know you are making a good choice.

That’s why:

  • You need a tool which can do more for you.
  • Avatar will help you quickly see behind the surface symptoms of your client to those often obscure stresses that create imbalance and keep the person from experiencing optimal energy.
  • Avatar gives you answers – it is specific – and not only you understand the information it shows, but also your client can understand it as well.
  • Using the bio-feedback facility of Avatar streamlines your consultation and allows you to ask those WHY questions.  It gives you on the spot information.
  • You get the answers you need to start working effectively with your client from the first consult.
  • Also – We put YOU at the top of the list – your needs, your training, your support – your assurance that you get the best value for your investment.

And – Avatar is light and portable – quick to set up and is battery driven – so you can use it anywhere you like.


Read on for more benefits to you the practitioner and your clients….

If you want an edge – and an unparalleled tool to establish an exceptional niche market for your clinic think about this: ”

Other systems may look good on the front-side but behind the scenes, can be very clumsy and difficult to use.

One can say that all EAV/EDS (electro-acupuncture according to Voll – electrodermal screening) devices are pretty much the same, and this is a very true statement.  But, the way that one system gets the job done can be radically different.  The Avatar is similar and it is not.  All of these systems have a basic Voltage meter (Ohm Meter).

All of them have software that has a point display and a way of saving data and an item database.  But that’s where the similarity ends because Avatar is up to the minute technology – it runs on all the latest operating systems.
Robert Eanes, Avatar Creator, Las Vegas,

Energy medicine, is the medicine of the future,  but it  has already arrived with Avatar technology. Its a great choice for the health professional – and is the latest in computerized electro dermal health screening.

Asking the body – using the Avatar system – is the most invaluable tool you can employ in your health practice.

The Benefits of Using Avatar Bio-Feedback Testing: also known as EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) – EDS (electro-dermal screening):

  • Increased client numbers.
  • Increased client compliance.
  • Increased understanding of your client’s state of energetic imbalance.
  • Access to a comprehensive product database.
  • Dedicated backup and support.