Training skilled practitioners in the use of the Avatar is all important and is done over an intensive three days.   Your trainers are highly experienced Avatar operators who regularly conduct training worldwide.

The initial training of three days is provided as soon as possible after the purchase of your instrument, and then a further advanced sector of the training of two days is available once you have had a chance to practice your new skills.  Up to three people can be trained with each instrument.

We are the South East Asia Distributor for the Avatar EAV / EDS Testing System. Your purchase is made directly from our company, and all support and training comes from us. We are easily contactable via email and telephone at any time you may need support.


I find it easy to gain confidence in using Avatar, thanks to Shazar’s training and ongoing prompt support. Ida Lyall.

Training for Existing Practitioners:

  1. Do you need to update your training?
  2. Do you feel a lack of confidence in using your system despite your initial training on purchase?
  3. Are you seeking training for an upgrade to the new Avatar 5.0 software?
  4. Are you ready to expand your abilities but are unsure where to start?
  5. Do you need help customising your system to your individual requirements?

Contact Shazar on the form below to receive information about how she can assist you.  With 24 years experience in utilizing EAV equipment in her clinic, she can give you invaluable assistance.

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