Is the Avatar Right for You?

Are you are health professional?

Many people see the Avatar system and think that once you learn the program, that the system does it all for you.  Not so.  The information gathered is vital to the well trained health professional – just think of it like this – if you have a framework of understanding of health – you have a grounding in bio-chemistry, nutrition, anatomy and physiology – then what you see as you progress through the energetic testing with Avatar will make sense to you .  You will easily be able to see the connections, the linkages that give you signposts to understanding what is going on in your client’s body and energy.

However if you are not trained, and have a smattering of knowledge of the body – information will be there, but you will not know how to read the map.  Or the map will be much more difficult to interpret.

Just like when you first start learning the computer – if you don’t have the terminology to back you up, knowing what ‘ANY KEY” means can confuse you entirely.  and you will be looking for the key that is marked “any” !

So what are the ideal qualifications to consider becoming an Avatar Practitioner?

Medical Doctor, Nurse, Chiropracter, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, TCM Practitioner, Naturopath, Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Physiotherapist, – in fact anyone with a solid background in health and healing – with knowledge of the human body.

The next consideration is this:

Are you ready to take on the learning that is required?  Avatar will fascinate you – and bring you great results, but you do have to learn the program.  You cannot expect to have it all done for you  – as it is somewhat like learning to play a musical instrument.


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