Price or Value for your Health Testing Equipment?

By | 17/11/2009

Many times prospective buyers email me and simply ask me: “How much is the Avatar EAV Testing System?”

They don’t ask: “How does it work?” “What is the effectiveness of testing in this way?” “Do you have success using this EAV type of system? ” “Do the patient’s understand the testing?” “Can you give reports for the patients test results?” “What is the back up and support like?” “What training is given?” “How much training is needed?” “How long will it be before I can really feel confident with the Avatar Health Testing System?”

They simply ask: “How much is does it cost?”

A price means nothing actually – it is simply a figure on a page – it is the value that is provided for that price that means everything. One system may cost much less – and have little training and poor support. Another may cost more and look to be more fancy, more elaborate in its functions – and have non-existent back up.

I was speaking to an old acquaintance a few days ago – she operates another EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) system – I asked how she liked it .. her comment was: “Its a good machine but the support is lousy. Like all of these systems,” she said – “the manufacturer always says it is the operators fault when something goes wrong.. they are all the same.”

“No:” I told her – “they are not”.

I have the amazing experience of being able to call Robert Eanes of the Veradyne Corporation (who make Avatar) at any time he is awake – even on Sunday evening on his cell phone .. it is rare that he does not pick up. The support that he gives us is beyond value. And that way I have the opportunity to pass that support onto our practitioners.

This is the value that is worth everything to your success or failure with any investment in your clinic. Make sure you insist on that value – ask about that aspect – the price is almost irrelevant when you are given the degree of support that helps you to really create a success.

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