The Role of Intention in the Healing Process

By | 24/05/2011

It is well known now in all healing modalities that the intention of the healer / practitioner / doctor can make a profound difference to the outcome of the intervention or treatment that is being given.

I was recently asked some very interesting questions by a Doctor who was investigating his interest in the Avatar System.  he asked:

How to create that clear intention, that is the question.

and this was my reply…

From my experience, I believe that the creation of the clear intention is actually quite a generalized intent.. .. as you commence your work with the person, it is creating the intention to open the space for the person to heal.

You don’t need any further intent than that. You simply have that intention within your work.  It is of course possible to muddy the waters with the desire for making extra money from your patient, or proving a point that a certain remedy is correct.. perhaps one that your ego state has chosen for the person.  And yes sometimes that remedy is correct.. but if the practitioner is attached to it being the right one for whatever reason, then the practitioner inevitably will sometimes make mistakes.

So as a healer in whatever modailty you practice, you simply have the intention to heal. That’s not too difficult!

His next question was related to how do you know which remedy is the right remedy?

He said:   “Also, if the clear intention of the healer is so important to the healing process, why buy a device costing thousands of dollars- why not just write the remedy name on a piece of paper, dip it in water and have the patient drink it. It is what the spiritual healers do when they make amulets by writing phrases from the holy scriptures, and ask the person to wear it or dip into water for drinking?”

My reply to that rather esoteric question was:  “If you absolutely know that .. then go ahead.. put it on a piece of paper and show it to the water.. then use that as the medicine.”

But the beauty of biofeedback instruments especially those with huge databases such as Avatar is that you can show the person thousands of different items so that the being can choose the most beneficial item out of all.. it gives a point of difference..

think of it this way..

You are really thirsty..

I offer you a Coke.. you do not have a choice.. so you accept.. its liquid after all.. very poor hydration.. but it is liquid.

But if you are a person of more refined tastes .. more in touch with your body’s real needs, and I offer you an orange juice, a Coke, a glass of tap water, and a glass of pure filtered water.. which would you choose?

Naturally the pure water as that is the best for the body for hydration. You were given a choice and you chose the one that matched the most accurately.

It’s the same with remedies..

If I offer you a series of 10 homeopathics.. you body will choose one that is close to what it needs. But it may not be the perfect match.

However if I offer you a choice of 500 homeopathics, 300 herbs, 60 nutritionals.. you body will choose the item (or on subsequent testing) the items.. which are most beneficial. Therefore the result will be more clear.

In this way also, results are fast, because the remedy is optimal.

The other aspect to be considered there is the influence of hidden toxins. How do you know which name of which toxin to write on the paper to create the remedy? You don’t.

I have seen people who have chronic and inexplicable health challenges – and using the bio-feedback tool, have been able to discover the energetic stress of the underlying hidden load .. often chemical in nature.

For example how would you ascertain that the underlying trigger for a child’s respiratory difficulties was that he had been exposed to flame retardant chemicals from treated furniture?

This is almost impossible to assess using traditional healing methods.

And all of that said, it is absolutely not the case that these instruments can take the place of a skilled and intuitive healer.. (and in fact cannot replace conventional medical tests) but they can provide a means to assist the healer to deepen their understanding of the particular case as well as create specific remedies to encourage the detoxification of the underlying load.

When this happens, deep healing can occur. It is rooting out the underlying cause of the imbalance in the body – mind – spirit.

And sometimes we also find that the healing done by a traditional healer can then have an even great effectiveness… as the energetic blocks are shifted out of the way so the healing can take really work.

The person who was enquiring suggested that this is a healing on an ethereal level.  Yes perhaps he is right – it is healing on a very deep level but also can be a very effective tool to assist those who are working on the more physical planes.. it can assist the very conventional medical practitioner to hone in on those areas that are most requiring their attention.  This is an area which can save time and money by being able to assess which of the conventional tests are going to show the Doctor most quickly where he needs to commence treatment.

And coming back to the original concept of this post.. at whatever level we are working – the intention of the practitioner is still of prime importance.

Here are some interesting thoughts on intention by Dr Deepak Chopra.