Valuable links for Avatar Practitioners and others

By | 12/08/2009

So – if you are already an Avatar practitioner (or any health practitioner for that matter) who would (obviously) like to be successful.. (or more successful than you already are.)  you might like to check these out.

I am assuming that as you are in the health field, and also have a leaning toward the field of energy medicine, then you are likely to have interest in ethics and doing things in a way that is possibly different – or at least stands out as being special.

And so for this reason I am directing you to a couple of blogs and places on the net that are useful for great information – both health orientated, business related and helpful for getting us straight .. assisting us to be successful in all ways of our business and our lives.

You may know some of these as they are well known – but if I introduce you to just one or two that you have not come across before – then that’s great.

Here goes:

Seth Godin’s blog – such an interesting man with excellent ideas that will stretch you imagination.

for health related info – I am sure you know of Dr Joseph Mercola – almost a household word.

and the Health Ranger for all things new and controversial.

closer to home (Australia) – don’t miss the Australian Vaccination Network – giving great information from the other side of the vaccine story.

and if you are interested in the Dental story and the association with health – check out Rob Gammal’s site. All health practitioners should inform themselves of the highly important aspects of the dental connection to the whole body.  It can be the underlying focal point of the whole health disorder and if not addressed can hold a person in a state of ill health which does adequately respond to all conventional treatment.

and last but not least for now anyway..Bruce Lipton – who’s view of how we switch on and off our genes is revolutionary!

So enjoy these links – dig in and discover what they can offer you.