The Mercury / Dental Factor

By | 15/09/2009

Understanding More about the Dental Factor in Disease…

All health practitioners must educate themselves about this major area affecting the health of so many of the people who come to see you with problems.

The negative influences of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams as well as the often severe consequences of root canal filled teeth and other dental procedures involving metals and intrusive procedures must be considered in a patient who is suffering long term chronic symptoms.

There are some excellent resources on the internet – check out these –

One I just discovered – a very recent interview with Hal Huggins – a pioneer in this field.

and for some clear insights as to how mercury causes brain neuron degeneration check out this video from Calgary University.

If you are interested in how Avatar can help in assessing the stress related to dentistry as well as how it can be utilised to assist an actual dental procedure – email us for a link to a video of a dental surgical procedure accompanied by Avatar assessment.