The Illusion of Knowledge

By | 09/08/2009

“The greatest enemy of knowledge isn’t the ignorance of knowledge but the illusion of it.” Stephen Hawking.

As healers we have to be very conscious of this statement. It is easy to become complacent in our ‘knowledge’ – it is totally important to continue to maintain an open mind, and allow the possibilties of future trends and developments to unfold – and as they do to take advantage of them to benefit not only ourselves but also those we work with.

Just recall for a moment the opposition that has surrounded new thinkers and new paradigms in the health and healing industry through out history. What about Pasteur – what about Semmelwiess?
We can think of a myriad of people who have been ridiculed and laughed at – and of some whose discoveries have even been driven underground for years before finally being accepted.

Keep an open mind. Watch the results – allow the possibilities of something new and previously untried to be relevant. That said – it is important that we examine closely the technology and the premise behind any therapy which is purported to be of value to the human condition – I suggest always that we question the reproducibility of any test results that are shown from instruments claiming to be useful in the health field.

Dr Voll said: “Presupposing the masterment of the measurement technique, the aquired measurement results are reproducible” He was speaking of the EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) techniques. These techniques used by probably more than 2000 medical Doctors in Germany are still not accepted in the vast majority of the “Western” medicine practitioners.

And yet health practitioners who are skilled in their use have exceptional results with patients who are difficult to treat, have confusing and clouded symptomatology – those who just fail to respond to conventional techniques. Those who have been around and back again.. trying this and trying that.. having test after test to no result. Energy medicine – being able to measure the effects of subtle stressors on the body becomes extremely useful in these circumstances and that is where instruments such as Avatar are invaluable.

Remember the words of Stephen Hawking and don’t allow your knowledge to be clouded with illusion.