Niche Marketing

By | 17/10/2009

Niche Marketing is the buzz word in all sales areas at this time.

There is so much on offer that we need to really find an area in our work that is special and attractive to our customers. Yes this sounds like a sales talk.. and you are right it is. All of us are sales people – you may think you are a health practitioner, but if you have no sales skills you are likely to be a poor health practitioner.

And if you are a good health practitioner as I trust you are, or at least aspire to be.. then I suggest that you get some very good skills in the marketing aspect of your business. You know why? Because if you are good at what you do.. then it is your obligation to make sure that lots of people come and see you and are helped with your work.

When we are on track with our work, and in our flow, then we are doing what we are here to do, and our services must be provided and accessible.

So niche marketing – or finding that special flavour to our work is very useful.

That’s what happens to practitioners who invest in high quality equipment.. they create that niche market for themselves.
But the challenge does not stop there. You can’t just buy a product however “high tech”, and expect people to beat a path to your door unless you let them know not only where you are but clearly what you do.

That’s why we decided that it was essential to offer a trainning package in marketing along with our work with the Avatar. That way our practitioners can understand the methodology behind marketing so they can let the world know what they are doing. The value of the using an Avatar in your clinic really goes up with this addition to the training.

Marketing is an on going exercise of course.. that’s why we have sourced great mentors for you – if you choose to continue to expand your influence in the health field.

Its all part of the package.
Call us if you would like to find out if that package is suitable for you.