How does business relate to healing?

By | 13/08/2009

“The more clarity you can get about what a successful solution looks like, the more likely you will be to have a delighted customer when you’re done.”  Seth Godin.

How does this statement relate to healing?  You might think what does this “business related” statement have to do with this blog?  This blog which is essentially about healing and health and health practice.

Well look at it is this way – if you and/or your patient have no idea what health looks like – no idea how it feels to be living in a healthy body – no idea what it means to have cultivate a healthy attitude – healthy mind – then how can you ever arrive at that point of the ‘successful solution’.  Which to your ‘patient’ would be the point of feeling healthy and whole.

So let’s start by creating a clear picture of the ‘solution’ for the people we are working with.  That is – the state of health – because in this way, they have a road map to steer by – and so do you – the practitioner.  If we keep focussing on the disease – this is what we create more of.  As in business – if you keep focussing on the problem – you go round in circles.

We need to focus on the solution to create delighted customers.