Healing the Sickness Industry..

By | 31/07/2009

As we work with our patients – I prefer to call them clients as this takes me to less of a heirarchical position with them – and gives me a chance to already begin to pull them out of the ‘sickness industry”. because this is the first thing we need to do.. shift the belief that they have entrenched in their chosen illness.  While that cloud of ownership of the dis-ease is there – healing can’t happen.  And if this cloud is not removed, the dis-ease will return in some form or other until it is recognised and shifted.

It is irresponsible of us to work simply with the physical – as healers we must profoundly encompass the energetic layer which precedes all breakdown of the coherence of the human system – in fact of the coherence of any living system including the planet.

Avatar is my way of lifting the covers on the disturbance of the energetic field of the living system that I am examining.

It is interesting what we can each use as a tool to bring us to the core of our work.  I know of many possible healing modalities that have great merit in the hands of the skilled practitioner.

Bring it on.. the diversity.. the many colours to the healing rainbow.

I am grateful that I have an opportunity to participate in the shining of that rainbow.  The reflection to each of us … that which is hidden in our being in our wholeness.. moving into release – the release which becomes the many colours of the rainbow.