Emotional Stress

By | 14/09/2009

The Unknown Quotient

How many times do you do all the right things? Follow all the precribed protocols – do all the detox – address the bowel function, make sure the adrenals are supported. Give the liver the required nutrients to support the detoxification pathways. Remove the allergens, educate to make sure the person is eating right, drinking clean water, and has a good balance of nutrition.

Of course you as a conscientious practitioner will address all of the above and more. You will make sure that the patient is really taken care of – but still the body does not heal. The symptoms do not really clear. The person continues to suffer.

This is where the emotional body must be considered.

In my clinic using Avatar – emotional stress very often appears as the priority causative stressor on the being. And unless we address this major factor, the person will not really recover.
I am sure for many of you this is an obvious aspect to your work with many patients – but there are some who hide their stress factors so very well.
Of course you have those who fall apart as soon as they sit in your office – but there are those whose emotional traumas are so deeply buried that they do not even see it themselves any more.
For these people – using Avatar, or in fact any good bio-feedback tool can be a way in to really begin to help them heal.

A short case history.

A woman came to me –

‘just for a health check up’ she said.. ‘no problems really – just tired and not feeling on top of things.’

I started testing her and as soon as I prioritised, it was clearly indicated that emotional stress was the priority aspect to be addressed.
‘Oh no” she said: ‘I am really fine.. I have a good life, I have a great husband – two beautiful children – I am not unhappy.’

I went ahead anyway – after 16 years of working in this field – I trust the instrument I use – in this case – Avatar – and I scanned though a long list of flower essences – designed specifically for emotional stress relief.
The essence that came up was a Desert Alchemy essence – a beauty – all about homesickness. My client read the description on the computer screen – and began to cry.

Buried in her psyche – pushed so far down she no longer really felt it – was a deep sadness and a longing for her mountain home in the Rockies of the USA. Now she lived on a flat sand plain – almost devoid of trees, in a hot and dry Western Australian land – with a husband who did not want to move and children who were settled in their lives here.

Could you easily in a few minutes uncover that deeply disguised factor holding this vibrant woman in a pattern of low energy and niggling symptoms? I think not. But now she herself has also recognised it .. she is empowered to do something about it.

Without bio-feedback – without being able to priortize, things would have stayed the same.