Body Burden – Toxic Load

By | 08/11/2009

Using Avatar and having the ability to prioritise testing – that is in effect to be able to ask what is the priority energetic stressor on the body – we often find the chemicals and environmental toxins are high on the list. People are often surprised at this – and many times the person being tested will tell me.. “Oh but I am very careful, I eat organic as much as possible, and I drink filtered water and don’t eat junk food.”
But we live in a sea of toxins – we are exposed to hundreds ir not thousands of different chemicals daily – even when we are careful!

And many time we need to look at the profession of our patients – for example people who are in industries such as florists, (insecticides) nurses, (plastics, radiation) airline staff, (high radiation levels) of course industry such as plumbers, electricians (heavy metals and often pesticides) and so on – usually will have high stress from the toxic load in the body.

Here is a recent article about a nurse who was very careful with her lifestyle – but as you will see she had very high levels of DEHP a toxin found in plastics.

How do we as practitioners make any assessment of the body burden of our patients without an instrument such as Avatar or similar? Yes we can see liver stress for example.. and can certainly use nutrition or herbals or other remedies to assist the liver and the detoxification pathways – but when you have the ability to be very specific about the energy of a particular toxin that is stressing your patient’s body and can use the vibration of that specific toxin to assist the body to detoxify – then you can have fast and accurate results to your treatment protocols.

The more precise your insight into the underlying causes of stress on the body, the better results you will get.