Avatar Training completed this week.

By | 11/07/2009

We had the privilege of working with a long time EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) practitioner in the past three days. She decided it was time to let go of her old system as it was still running on the old DOS operating system and she knew it was coming to the end of its life. So she travelled over from Bendigo to take delivery of her brand new Avatar Health Testing System – and spend some time with me and two of our Perth practitioners who were doing their advanced training.
Avatar is very easy to learn for someone who has experience with another EAV – CEDS (electro-acupuncture – or computerised electrodermal screening). The principles are the same as this type of system is based on the classic reproducible and time tested techniques and calibration recommended by Dr Voll.

And as Maria found – it was simply a process of learning her way around the windows software. She found it a pretty smooth process especially being able to utilise the easy flow of the relational database that Avatar uses. We were also fortunate to have her with us as she shared some really interesting techniques that she has been experimenting with. She has been using filter techniques that have helped her to uncover some of the hidden stressors that many people carry in their body.
We know through both EAV techniques and working with the bio-feedback techniques of applied Kinesiology that the body can mask or ‘hide’ certain influences. And you need to understand this ‘masking’ in order to uncover hidden causative factors especially in teh case of long term imbalance in the system.

Maria has been working with the energies of herpes, which are known to be carried by many people – energetically these viruses can cause hidden problems and prevent full recovery from many diverse symptoms. Given the right information in the form of energy remedies to counteract the hidden stressors can lift the “cloud” or shadow of this energy from the body and assist in returning to the rightful state of harmony.
We are looking forward to her documenting these techniques so they can be shared with our practitioner group.