Allergies – Symptom or Cause?

By | 31/07/2009

Everyone is very concerned about allergies.  In fact lots of people come see me and that is what they are most concerned about – allergies.  “What foods are causing all my problems?”  And then there are the others who tell me: “well I went off wheat,” or ” I went off dairy but it didn’t seem to make any difference.”

So what is really the problem here?  Are food allergies the underlying cause of many problems in the body – or are they simply a symptom – something that is flagging a deeper cause?

In my experience in clinic, you may see many people who show with sensitivities to foods – stress demonstrated on the Avatar (EAV) testing – but underlying this is almost invariably a digestive disturbance – the ‘gut’ or digestive system is simply not functioning as it should.  There is a simple explanation for this – in lay terms we can call it leaky gut – where the gaps in the gut wall become too large and instead of only allowing through the digested food particles, larger undigested particles are allowed to enter into the blood stream – and as a reault, the immune system sets up an alarm – alert – undigested food coming through – allergy!!!

So what is needed? to stay off these foods, or to heal the gut?

It seems an obvious answer – and certainly staying off the foods while you heal the gut is very important as it reduces the associated stress on the area and allows the healing to happen.  But this does not mean that your patient must stay away from those foods for ever!

Heal the gut – heal the gut – heal the gut!

When that is done you can start eating those foods again .. little by little to discover what are real allergens and what are those that are simply there because of the imbalance in the digestive system.

It is so important to help your clients (patients) to understand this difference – otherwise you will be leaving a trail of people who are convinced they can never stray off the closely followed path of dietary restriction that has been laid down for them by a practitioner who did not understand the deeper meaning of allergies.