Monthly Archives: November 2009

Price or Value for your Health Testing Equipment?

Many times prospective buyers email me and simply ask me: “How much is the Avatar EAV Testing System?” They don’t ask: “How does it work?” “What is the effectiveness of testing in this way?” “Do you have success using this EAV type of system? ” “Do the patient’s understand the testing?” “Can you give reports for the patients… Read More »

How can the healer increase effectiveness ?

In this time of living in a world surrounded by the chemical soup, it is really important that as healers we find the ways to increasing our effectiveness. Simply using the old methods of the past – we will often miss the underlying causative factors and therefore spend much longer than needed using trial and error methods to… Read More »

Body Burden – Toxic Load

Using Avatar and having the ability to prioritise testing – that is in effect to be able to ask what is the priority energetic stressor on the body – we often find the chemicals and environmental toxins are high on the list. People are often surprised at this – and many times the person being tested will tell… Read More »