Monthly Archives: August 2009

Energy Medicine – New Paradigms of Healing

If you are in Perth on the 23rd September, don’t miss this talk – presented by Shazar Robinson whose passion is uncovering the deepest aspects of healing – sharing her insights and giving a broad perspective on health, healing and balance. She has over 16 years clinical practice and is a regular speaker at conferences both in Australia… Read More »

How does business relate to healing?

“The more clarity you can get about what a successful solution looks like, the more likely you will be to have a delighted customer when you’re done.”  Seth Godin. How does this statement relate to healing?  You might think what does this “business related” statement have to do with this blog?  This blog which is essentially about healing… Read More »

Valuable links for Avatar Practitioners and others

So – if you are already an Avatar practitioner (or any health practitioner for that matter) who would (obviously) like to be successful.. (or more successful than you already are.)  you might like to check these out. I am assuming that as you are in the health field, and also have a leaning toward the field of energy… Read More »

The Illusion of Knowledge

“The greatest enemy of knowledge isn’t the ignorance of knowledge but the illusion of it.” Stephen Hawking. As healers we have to be very conscious of this statement. It is easy to become complacent in our ‘knowledge’ – it is totally important to continue to maintain an open mind, and allow the possibilties of future trends and developments… Read More »